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Project Visualization

Embarking on a digital transformation journey, I partnered with ABA Construction™ to sculpt their online identity. This venture with CEO Jaimen Allison was a deep dive into their corporate ethos, translating their physical craftsmanship into a virtual masterpiece. The project was a blend of vision, precision, and creative web strategy, aiming to elevate their market presence and connect with their audience on a new level.

Project Summary

Crafting an online presence for ABA Construction™ was a journey that started with a deep dive into their vision and goals. The creation process involved a meticulous blend of design, development, and multimedia elements, all built upon the robust framework of WordPress. This bespoke website was not just about aesthetics but also functionality, ensuring an intuitive user experience while encapsulating the essence of their brand. The launch of this website marked a new chapter for ABA Construction™, ushering in a digital footprint that continues to attract and engage their audience, driving business growth and lead acquisition. Explore the results of this tailored web solution at

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs

Client Details

ABA Construction™,
London, Ontario.

Service Provided

Complete website overhaul, content refresh, media asset creation including design, photography, videography, and comprehensive SEO enhancement.

Project Timeline

Initial consultation and planning spanned one week, followed by two weeks dedicated to design and media asset creation. The development phase, including SEO enhancements, extended over three weeks, culminating in a comprehensive review and launch.

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