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Project Visualization

Embarking on a pivotal project with Toronto Metropolitan University, we set out to revolutionize their digital presence for the Virtual Clinical Immersion Training Talent Accelerator. Tasked with the intricate challenge of migrating and modernizing their existing website onto the Zoho platform, our goal was to blend the university’s rich heritage with the cutting-edge functionality required for their innovative program, ensuring the platform was launched in perfect alignment with the program’s initiation.

Project Summary

This venture was a harmonious blend of expertise and creativity, with Katie Wilhelm and myself at the helm of design and project management, respectively. We delved deep into the fabric of the university’s digital identity, reimagining over fifty pages of content to resonate with modern audiences while ensuring seamless integration into the Zoho ecosystem. Our commitment to meticulous planning, combined with relentless collaboration, paved the way for a website that not only mirrored the original’s ethos but also elevated its user experience to new heights. The result is a testament to our collective vision and execution, now live and accessible for all to explore at

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." – Elon Musk

Client Details

Toronto Metropolitan University
Toronto, Ontario.

Service Provided

Project Management, Web Design & Development of Custom Zoho Website with SEO Optimization.

Project Timeline

2 weeks planning, 8 weeks development & design, 2 weeks testing, culminating in the launch.

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