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Project Visualization

In a landscape brimming with voices and stories, Shauna Rae’s The Clearing a New Path™ Podcast stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs. The challenge was to distill the essence of Shauna’s vision into a cohesive audio brand that would not just communicate but captivate, embodying the podcast’s message and the values it represents. The aim was to forge a professional and distinctive sound identity that would elevate the podcast to become a cornerstone of inspiration and a trusted guide for its listeners.

Project Summary

The collaboration with Shauna Rae was a harmonious blend of creativity and strategy, culminating in an audio brand that resonates with the spirit of entrepreneurship. This sonic signature has been meticulously tailored to align with the podcast’s mission, delivering a unique auditory experience that distinguishes Shauna’s podcast in a saturated market. It is more than just a sound; it is an audio emblem of the journey to new beginnings and uncharted territories for entrepreneurs.

"Music is an incredibly powerful tool that can help brands tell their story in a deeply emotional way." - Hans Zimmer

Client Details

Shauna Rae, Radar Media,
'Clearing a New Path' Podcast
London, Ontario.

Service Provided

Audio Engineering & Sound Production of Unique Audio Brand

Project Timeline

Vision Meeting, 30-Second Demo, Audio Production, Final Approval & Launch in 1 Week

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