Revamping the Talent Accelerator Program Website

Empowering Success with Zoho and Modern Design

Case Study: Metropolitan Talent Accelerator Program


The Toronto Metropolitan University faced a unique challenge with the launch of their new Virtual Clinical Immersion Training Talent Accelerator. They needed to recreate their existing website with one requirement; that it be on the Zoho platform, .The University wanted to maintain the brand of the original site with some essential modernizations. It was paramount that the new website be ready to launch in time for the start of the program.


To successfully recreate the Toronto Metropolitan University’s Talent Accelerator, I teamed up with my friend and colleague, Katie Wilhelm. We worked closely with the university’s team. Katie provided all updated designs and media assets, while I managed the project, delegating tasks, gathering content, and preparing for the new platform. I recreated over 50 pages of unique content, with updated graphics, images, and functionality.

Throughout the project, we maintained clear and frequent communication with all team members. I maintained daily contact with Katie and held weekly status meetings with the team, ensuring overall progress on the project. I created custom headers, menus, pages and posts to meet the University’s needs. Thanks to our collaborative efforts and efficient project management, the updated website was completed on time and ready for the hand-off.


The Toronto Metropolitan University is now able to offer their latest addition, the Virtual Clinical Immersion Training Talent Accelerator, through a professional and user-friendly website. The new platform looks and feels nearly identical to the previous one, with modern updates and original content. You can view the website here: