Elevating Audio

‘Clearing a New Path’ – The Radar Media Podcast

Case Study: Clearing a New Path (Podcast)


The challenge was to create an audio brand that captured the essence of the podcast and effectively communicated the message and values of the show to its audience. Shauna Rae of The Clearing a New Path  Podcast wanted a cohesive and professional sound that would stand out in a crowded market and establish her podcast as a trusted source of information and inspiration for entrepreneurs.


The final product was approved, and the audio branding was integrated into Shauna’s podcast.

Throughout the process, I stayed focused on delivering top-quality results and helping Shauna succeed. I was committed to seeing the project through to the end and was excited to see the final product come to life.


In the end, we were able to create an audio brand that perfectly aligned with Shauna’s values and the entrepreneurs she showcases on her podcast. The end result was a unique and memorable sound that resonated with her audience. Our collaborative process and careful attention to detail allowed us to deliver a product that exceeded Shauna’s expectations and contributed to the success of her podcast.