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Case Study Building Success Online ABA Construction


I worked closely with Jaimen Allison, CEO of ABA Construction  to understand his vision for the website and the specific goals he wanted to achieve. We discussed the target audience, the messaging and branding, and the features and functionality he needed.

Using this information, I created a custom design and development plan, including a detailed project timeline and a budget. I then built the website using WordPress, incorporating custom graphics, photos, and other media assets as needed.

Throughout the process, I kept Jaimen informed of our progress and solicited his feedback and input. I was committed to delivering top-quality results and helping him achieve his goals.


Working with the ABA Construction  team, I planned out the project timeline and budget.  I maintained continuous lines of communication through secure channels and video conferencing, meeting regularly.  Once the web design had been approved, I created the content and built out the pages.

The original content was added and I facilitated the copywriting process.  Once the site was optimized, I added accessibility controls and performed my final review.  Then we ported the site over to their server.


The final product was a beautifully designed website that accurately reflected the company’s brand and services. The website was user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a strong call to action that helped generate leads for the promotional campaign.

Jaimen was thrilled with the end result and grateful for the professional and efficient process. The website has continued to bring in new leads and business for ABA Construction. You can view the website at